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Have You Ever Wanted to be a ‘Family Guy’ Character? Well Now You Can!

Ok, guys, I am about to ROCK YOUR WORLD… YOU yes YOU dear reader can become a ‘Family Guy’ character. In honor of ‘Family Guy’ and their awesome 300th episode set to air on Jan. 14th on Fox, they have created   Fans of the show can turn themselves into a ‘Family Guy’ character.  As a huge ‘Family Guy‘ fan, I have always had this secret dream of being on ‘Family Guy‘ and today that dream became a reality. I couldn’t think of a prouder moment.

We met the Griffin’s in 1999 and still till this day we are not clear if the adults can understand Stewie and how Brian dates so many human females. However, we are fans and we do not ask a lot of questions and trust that Seth MacFarlane will give us 30 minutes of laughing at things we should not laugh at, but we do anyway.

Happy 300th Episode ‘Family Guy’ but if you could clarify the Stewie and if the adults can understand him…yeah that would be great……