Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie Prove Who’s the Best Aussie on ‘Ellen’

It’s main event time, with Thor taking on Harley Quinn!

Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie appeared on Ellen yesterday, competing in a friendly game of “Ellen’s Australian Boxers” to prove who the best Aussie was. Clad in kangaroo onesies and oversized boxing gloves, the two would go on to answer Australian only trivia questions such as where Nicole Kidman was born, a title of an Olivia Newton John Song, and their best Crocodile Dundee impressions to name a few. As the game continued, the questions got a little tricky though with Ellen asking Margot who would she choose between Chris and his brother Liam and even asking Chris his address – which he obviously did not give up. In the end, Chris was declared the winner and awarded a can of Vegemite which he says he shared in a sandwich with Margot on Instagram.

Check out the segment below:

Who gets your pick for Best Aussie?

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