These Valentine’s Day Bouquets are all you Need This Year

If you wanted a chance to forgo the normal bouquet on last year’s Valentine’s Day, the big thing was bacon roses. Yep, a bouquet of bacon shaped flowers given to that special someone was your way to stand out from the rest.

This Valentine’s Day you can once again wow your loved one without the roses, and we have to say, this is the kind of bouquet we’re hoping to get for ourselves.


From Star Wars to corgis and even planets to let your Valentine know they’re out of this world, there’s a plus bouquet for any type of loved one you’re celebrating this year. The bouquets start at 29.99 and go to 79.99 and they even have a special themed gift for your mom. So you can thank her for loving you even through those terrible teen years!

You can find the bouquets here and with just over a month until Valentine’s Day, it’s never a bad idea to get an early start. So skip out on roses and chocolate this year and give a plush bouquet instead. Or, keep the chocolate too, because that’s never out of style.

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