New ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Stills Show Jo Face to Face With her Haunting Past

(ABC/Richard Cartwright)

When Grey’s Anatomy went off the air for its midseason finale, fans were stunned. The crazy storyline of the hacked computer system left doctors, nurses, and patients in an absolute mess of a situation Each moment seemed to grip viewers and, honestly, we were scared to blink. However, that end moment…where Jo sees Paul for the first time in years carried emotion we felt at home. Her fear was tangible, and with good reason, he’s an incredibly scary guy.

When the series picks back up, we’ll see Jo face to face with Paul once more, and it’s clearly going to get worse before it gets better. The tagline for the episode as follows and fans got a small preview of this during the last few seconds of the midseason finale.

‘Jo finally faces her estranged, abusive husband Paul Stadler, while Grey Sloan continues to work with the FBI after a hacker has compromised the hospital’s computer system.’

(ABC/Richard Cartwright)

Executive producer Krista Vernoff spoke with EW about telling Jo’s story and why it’s so important

‘I can tell you that I’m excited that we are telling this story in the way that we are telling this story. Paul is a terrifying human for Jo to have to face, and she gets a lot of support in facing him. It is dramatic, and it is emotional, and it is frightening, and it is the Shondaland roller coaster, and I’m really proud of it. At this time, in this world, I think it’s a story that needed telling.’

While the series breaks the hearts of viewers frequently, we agree with Vernoff. There is no time like now to tell a story that carries the weight and the pain that this one does.

(ABC/Richard Cartwright)

Grey’s Anatomy returns on January 18th.