Netflix Says a ‘Bright’ Sequel is in The Works


Bright is getting a second film, according to Netflix.

When Bright, a realistic fantasy starring LA Police officers Will Smith and his orc sidekick Joel Edgerton hit Netflix, it amassed 11 million viewers in the first three days. That is the best of any of Netflix’s original films thus far.

Despite the viewings, it did not live up to that hype with the critics. But alas, Netflix is seemingly looking past that and taking it’s popularity as it comes. The film’s Twitter account confirmed the sequel Wednesday.


Although no details were given about the sequel, we can most likely assume that Smith and Edgerton will be reprising their roles. It is also likely that Suicide Squad‘s David Ayer will return as writer and director.

It was torn apart by critics, but did you enjoy Bright? Are you excited to see a second?

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