John Williams to Write Main Theme for ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Photo: Lucasfilm

John Williams to Write Main Theme for Solo: A Star Wars Story

It has been confirmed that Star Wars alum John Williams will have a role when it comes to the composition for the upcoming Han Solo film. Williams has written the music for every single Star Wars film except for 2016’s Rouge One, which was scored by Michael Giacchino. In the case of Solo, Williams will write the theme for the film and then allow the film’s main composer, John Powell, to use it in the rest of the score. Williams told Variety that he is excited about Powell’s appointment and can’t wait to hear what’s in store.

“His assignment is something I’m very happy about. What I will do is offer this to John, and to [director] Ron Howard, and if all parties are happy with it, then I will be happy. … John [Powell] will complete the score. He will write all the rest of the themes and all of the other material, which I’m going to be very anxious to hear.”

Solo: A Star Wars Story stars Alden Ehrenreich, Emilia Clarke, Joonas Suotamo, Donald Glover, and Woody Harrelson. The film opens in theaters May 25, 2018.

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