It’s a Very Marvel Christmas Thanks to this new ‘Black Panther’ Teaser


Today, fans of the MCU aren’t just celebrating the magic of Christmas. While the bright spirits and good tidings are certainly being enjoyed, Marvel gifted us with a peek of one of the most highly anticipated films in comic book history. Black Panther has a February 16th release date, and the new TV spot we got today made us even more excited to see the film. If that’s even a possibility.

The spot, simply titled ‘King’ was released just hours ago and was the perfect addition to everyone’s Christmas. The 30-second clip showcased Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa as he assumes his role as King of Wakanda and the inevitable turmoil he’s up against. That turmoil centers around Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Killmonger who believes he should take the throne.

It’s a classic tale of good vs evil with a not so classic backdrop. See, Wakanda is a self-sufficient hidden Kingdom where Vibranium is housed, so the stakes are higher than ever. A great disruption in Wakanda has the power to affect the entire world and to unleash evil more powerful than anyone has seen before.

With some of the best actors in the business, one of the most in-demand superheroes of all time, and stunning visuals alongside a killer soundtrack, well, we’re calling this film a slam dunk already. Needless to say, we’re more ready than ever to see Black Panther. Are you?