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‘Arrow’: Fans raise over $7K in the name of ‘Olicity’ to benefit Vancouver’s Stanley Park

Image: The CW

If there is one thing you can say about fans of the ‘Olicity’ pairing – it is that they are absolutely dedicated and passionate! Fans of The CW Arrow pairing recently did something quite spectacular and moving, turning their love for the pairing into something absolutely beautiful; in the form of a dedication to benefit Vancouver’s Stanley Park.

This past weekend, Stephen Amell shared a photo on Twitter showing a park bench in Stanley Park in Vancouver had been dedicated in honor of ‘Olicity’, to celebrate the official pairing of the couple when Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak finally tied the knot in the superhero crossover ‘Crisis on Earth-X’.

The fans raised over $7,000 for the bench, with the money going towards environmental preservation efforts at the park.

The plaque on the bench reads “In celebration of the unthinkable Olicity ‘we found ourselves in each other,'”  and was finally officially installed in Stanley Park last week.

Even though the bench was only recently installed, the effort originally started in the summer. In June, a group of Olicity fans created the Olicity Fandom Bench project to, according to the project’s Tumblr, create “something special to unite the fandom during the hiatus.”

The original goal of the project was to raise the $3,000 – $4,000 to pay for a 10-year dedication of the bench, and the project exceeded its expected goal within 2 days.

Arrow is currently on its winter hiatus, and will return on January 18th, 2018.


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