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Speechless 2.10 preview: ‘S-I–SILENT N-I–NIGHT’ makes joyful noise

SPEECHLESS - "S-I-- SILENT N-I-- NIGHT" - After leveraging JJ in an attempt to land a family dog, Dylan takes a vow of silence to better understand what it is to be her brother. Ray brokers a meeting between his girlfriend's mother, Melanie (guest star Sarah Chalke), and Maya, only to realize they have a history. Jimmy drives Kenneth crazy by gaming a supermarket giveaway to score free Christmas turkeys, on "Speechless," airing as part of Disney|ABC's special "25 Days of Christmas" programming event, WEDNESDAY, DEC. 13 (8:30-9:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Eric McCandless) MICAH FOWLER, JOHN ROSS BOWIE, MINNIE DRIVER

Speechless brings fans a holiday themed episode titled ‘S-I–SILENT N-I–NIGHT’ on December 13. You will not want to miss all the joy and laughter in store for you courtesy of the DiMeos.

Episode 10 of the Speechless sophomore season brings back old favorites like the “dead to Maya” wall, Jimmy’s penchant for a good deal, and the grocery store where Kenneth has a second job. Can you say “Banjo Cola”? And, do not forget the Ray jokes!

But new plotlines are introduced as well. The introduction of a new character does not sit well with Maya. The family makes a seemingly innocuous request of J.J. that turns out to be more emotional than they realized. And there are both literal and figurative awakenings.

Through it all the DiMeos and honorary family member Kenneth learn more about one another. This episode is likened to an overstuffed stocking filled with wonderful surprises. Just when we think we have the individual DiMeos pegged, they reveal new sides of themselves that keep us coming back for more.

The running theme of communication packs quite a punch this week with a special gift from J.J. to his family. As mom to a non-verbal child, there is a particular moment that elicits all the warm fuzzies and even a few tears. As I have always said, the DiMeos bring both the laughs and the heart. This week is by far no exception.

Imagine someone sending you a gift, but the package is re-routed or temporarily lost in the mail. You wait with frustration and struggle to track its whereabouts.  It finally arrives, a little tattered but intact, so intact that you have to break out the scissors to get through overlapping layers of tape. But when you finally encounter what’s really inside, all your frustration fades away.

The DiMeos have their share of struggles, sometimes more than others. But they always find their way to the joy of family and are that much stronger because of one other.


Be sure to treat yourself to the gift of Speechless this week.






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