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Outlander Preview: 5 Things Left To Be Done In “Eye Of The Storm”

We’ve finally reached the end of Season Three. It’s come before we’d have liked, but it does at least bring us the promise of an action-packed finale. There are quite a few things to be wrapped up in this last episode, and it’s leaving Claire and Jamie with quite the to-do list. Let’s take a closer look at 5 things left to be done in “Eye Of The Storm.”

  1. Find Young Ian. This is the whole reason that everyone is in Jamaica. Claire and Jamie got a few leads on him last week, but none that they’ve been able to follow to the boy. Viewers know that Geillis Duncan is holding him, but what will happen when Claire and Jamie discover it?
  2. Unravel the Mystery of Abandawe. The mysterious cave of power has come up twice now. The first was in Margaret Campbell’s prophecy to Claire back in Edinburgh. The second was by Father Fogdon during dinner on his island estate. People are known to disappear within its depths and the natives fear it. Could this be another time portal like Craig Na Dun? Or is it all just local superstition?
  3. Save Jamie From the Hangman’s Noose. Jamie has once again been arrested. This time it’s by Captain Leonard for crimes committed back in Scotland. That may mean an extradition back to Scotland for Jamie, erasing any chance he has of finding his nephew. It’s up to Claire to find Ian while Jamie is behind bars. But if we know anything about Claire, it’s that she’d never leave Jamie behind either.
  4. Explore Margaret’s Latest Prophecy. Margaret stole the show at the Governor’s ball by delivering a powerful prophecy to Geillis. A child that is 200 years old on the day it is born must die in order for a new King of the Scots to rise. The most likely fulfillment of this prophecy is Brianna, which means that she’s in danger 200 years in the future. Can Claire and Jamie protect their daughter from way back in the 1700s?
  5. Return Everyone to Merry Old Scotland. Assuming, and this is a huge assumption to make based on past Outlander outcomes, that everything else on this list is accomplished, there’s still an ocean between everyone and Lallybroch. Young Ian must be rescued, Jamie must be freed, Geillis’s latest plan must be stopped, and then everyone has to survive a long crossing back across the Atlantic. It’s a lot to ask of a just one-hour episode. This leaves us to ask: just how much will be accomplished in this season finale?

Episode 313 airs on Sunday, December 9th at 8 pm on Starz. Viewers can catch up on the rest of the season anytime on Starz.com or the Starz mobile app. Check back here to FanFest.com for a full episode recap.

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