The Walking Dead: Did you catch ‘The Whisperers’ tease in last episode?


Spoiler Warning: The following contains spoilers from both the comics and television series of The Walking Dead.  Please don’t read unless you have seen the latest episode of The Walking Dead: Time For After 


As the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead approaches, fans of the series have patiently been waiting for ‘The Whisperers’ to make their first appearance. This, of course has not been the only time the show has referenced the existence of the mysterious group.

In episode 807, The Walking Dead planted an Easter egg referencing the group called ‘The Whisperers,’ who are known in the comics for disguising themselves in walker skin, cutting the skin from the faces of the dead and wearing it as their own to mask themselves. Perhaps they are to make their appearance soon?

In the episode, Rick was able to convince Jadis and her junkyard scavengers to join forces against The Saviors. He later came across a water tower where a dead sniper lookout was hanging upside down from the ladder being chomped on by walkers. This man appeared to have no skin on his face, like it had been peeled off. This was an almost exact portrayal of the iconic death of Father Gabriel in the comics.


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In the books, Father Gabriel ultimately met his match during a war with the Whisperers while on patrol at a water tower. Startled by the size of their army, Father Gabriel tripped on the ladder, fell, and snapped his ankle hanging helpless upside down. Beta, one of the front runners of the Whisperers, stabbed Gabriel in the stomach and left him for the dead. Thankfully in Sunday’s episode it was not Gabriel on the ladder, but perhaps rather a tease to the upcoming appearance the Whisperers will make? Of course with any theory, there will be speculation whether or not it was a Whisperer that took the man’s face or a walker.


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AMC has yet to comment whether or not ‘The Whisperers’ will actually make an appearance in the series or not. For now, we can enjoy the little Easter eggs they throw at us.

The extended mid-season finale of The Walking Dead airs Sunday, December 10th at 9/8c on AMC.



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