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Outlander Preview: 5 Characters We Really Want To Show Up In “The Bakra”

Just two episodes remain in Season 3. This week, The Artemis finally reaches Jamaica and Jamie and Claire’s search for Young Ian begins in earnest. Along the way they’re going to encounter old allies, new enemies, and perhaps even some who fall into both camps. For this week’s preview, here are five characters that we really want to show back up in “The Bakra.”

  1. Young Ian. Ok, this was the obvious choice. We need to find out what happened to Young Ian after he was taken by the press gang. We know from the preview that he made it to Jamaica and is in a prison cell somewhere on the island. What we don’t know is literally anything else. Has he been sold? Will he be held for ransom? And if he has been sold, just who is his buyer?
  2. Captain Leonard. The young Captain has vowed to arrest Jamie and turn him over to the authorities in Jamaica for his crimes. Claire escaped becoming Leonard’s bait by jumping overboard. Can she protect Jamie from the wrath of the sea captain? Or will Claire and Jamie once again be separated by a set of iron bars?
  3. Margaret and Archibald Campbell. We’re counting the Campbell siblings as one for this list. The last time we saw Archie and Margaret, they were telling fortunes in Edinburgh. Archie told Claire that they had a wealthy benefactor in the West Indies and were setting sail soon. From the looks of the episode preview, that benefactor is in Jamaica. The questions are, who is this person and what do they want with Margaret’s powers?
  4. Murtagh Mackenzie. We know, we know, Murtagh always ends up on our “characters we need to see again” lists. But that’s only because he’s the best supporting character out there. He hasn’t been heard from in years, but Jamaica is full of indentured servants. Could it be that one of them is Jamie’s long-lost kinsman?
  5. Willie. Jamie’s son hasn’t been seen or heard from since Jamie had to leave him behind at Helwater. The understanding was that Jamie would never seen him again. As nothing goes according to plan in the Outlander world, we’re hoping that this falls apart quickly and Jamie is able to reunite with his son at some point. That will likely have to wait, as Willie is currently growing up on the other side of the world.

Episode 312, “The Bakra,” airs Sunday December 3rd at 8 pm on Starz. Viewers can catch up on previous episodes on Starz.com or the Starz mobile app. Check back here to FanFest.com for full episode recaps and future episode previews.





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