Looking to donate to a special charity close to your heart? #GivingTuesday is HERE!


Today is November 28th, 2017 which means it is officially #GivingTuesday. If you have not heard of #GivingTuesday it is the Tuesday following Thanksgiving in the United States and the day when everyone is encouraged to donate to their favorite non-profit organization or charity. If you ask some people, they will tell you it was created in response to the greed and commercialization of Black Friday, however, I feel it was created to kick off the feeling of giving that the Holiday Season should bring out within us all.  The first #GivingTuesday was held in 2012 and every year grows as more companies and organizations become a part. Many companies are offering to match donations up to certain dollar amounts to encourage more people to their favorite charity.

Last year celebrities got on board the #GivingTuesday wagon and promoted the charities that they are passionate about. They took to Twitter and Facebook and other social media outlets to help bring awareness and to do their part to help raise awareness and donations.

So, on this #givingTuesday I am challenging YOU, dear reader, today donate to a charity that YOU are passionate about. I urge you to write that check out, hit that donate button on a website or just empty out that pocket change. People assume that you must donate a large sum of money to make a difference, but the truth is every dollar makes a difference especially for smaller non-profits. If you do not have money to spare, then clean out those kitchen cabinets and drop them off at a local food bank because as someone who runs a food bank I can PROMISE YOU every can of food counts. If that is not an option you can donate your time, your talent or your skills. Many non-profits depend on the help of volunteers and again I can promise you that every man hour counts. Last and certainly not least donate blood today! Blood donation saves lives every day and you never know when it might be someone you love….So on #GivingTuesday, I encourage you to embrace it in any way you can today and give any way you can today!