Wondered why Superman’s face Looked Different in Justice League?

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So….you’re sitting in the theater and the lights dim. The DC logo appears and fades out. The music starts to crescendo, and you prepare your self for the awesomeness  that awaits then BAM! Superman appears on your screen acting all heroic and yet all you can focus on is “Why does Superman’s Face look off?” Did it happen to you this past weekend during Justice League? It did me. Am I the only one to notice? It’s possible, but then again we have mentioned what happened on this site back in July(here) and yet somehow I missed it.  I guess I’m halfway between too observant and not observant enough.

But anyways, here’s a refresher on what led up to “Face Gate”.  After Zack Snyder left the project to focus on personal issues, Avenger’s helmer Joss Whedon came on board to help finish the film and oversee some extensive reshoots on the movie.  Re-shoots are nothing new in the industry, and require actors to return to previously finished films to film new scenes, even while they are in the middle of shooting other projects. That’s what happened in this situation as Superman actor Henry Cavill was in the middle of shooting his role in the upcoming Mission Impossible 6(itself currently going through production woes) and was notified that he was needed for additional shooting on Justice League. That’s all fine and good, but unfortunately for Warner Brothers, Henry had grown a moustache for MI6 and Paramount was unwilling to let him shave it off for the reshoots. (Not unusual in the industry either as Jeffrey Dean Morgan was not allowed to shave his beard for Negan during the filming of his first appearance on The Walking Dead due to conflicting work on another show)

That left Warner Brothers with one viable option: shoot the scenes with Super-Beard, and then go back and digitally remove his facial hair, thus making him appear clean shaven. Once again,(I know I sound like a broken record),digital touch ups aren’t uncommon in the industy either, for example it was done to close up’s of Milla Jovovich’s face in 2007’s Resident Evil:Extinction to hide the fact that she was pregnant at the time. However, while Milla’s was only vaguely noticeable due to them being stationary close ups, Superman’s reshoots involve a lot of moving and talking, which can be a  computer tracking nightmare. This was the case in Justice League, as we start the film off with some of the Superman re-shoot footage as the first thing we see, and as he’s talking to his cell phone interviewer, the movement of his mouth and face just seems off. It doesn’t quite take you out of the movie, but if you’re like me, then you probably let out a collective ugh each time reshoot Superman popped up throughout the film. It however didn’t stop audiences from checking the film out this past weekend, as Justice League grossed almost $100 million dollars domestically and close to $200 million in other countries.  Did you notice “Face Gate”? Did you pick up on anything else I may have missed? Comment below and let me know!

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