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‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘Midvale’

Image: The CW

Supergirl Preview ‘Midvale’

The Danvers sisters are going home in next week’s new episode of Supergirl. Following Alex and Maggie’s break-up, Kara thinks what Alex needs is to get away from National City. They head back to Midvale and we’re going to get an episode that shows how they grew to have such a strong bond as sisters. We’ve seen a little bit of their earlier years in Season 1 and Alex had a hard time accepting Kara. Now I think we’re going to find out how they overcame that. The surprise twist at the end of the trailer is Kara coming home and finding her mother standing there. I’m definitely interested to see how the show is going to explain that one. Or maybe it’s just another dream.

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