Mosaic: Steven Soderbergh Introduces New TV Viewing Experience

HBO/Claudette Barius

What is the definition of the word mosaic?  According to Google, “mosaic is a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass.”  What does the word mosaic have to do with television?  The answer to that is a simple one.  Soderbergh.  Steven Soderbergh is a well-known director.  He has many accomplishments attached to his name.  The app that he has created is put together like a mosaic.  Small pieces of the story are put together to create a larger picture.

Being creative has led him to create a new type of viewing experience.  Soderbergh has partnered with HBO to create and launch a new app for the iPhone and Apple TV, called Mosaic.

Everyone watches TV in their own way.  Some people watch each episode as it is released each week.  Others prefer to wait until the entire season is available to watch their favorite show.  Some people love spoilers and other people hate them.  The Mosaic app will let viewers watch TV however they like.

There are a number of features available within the app.  Viewers will all begin watching the same first episode.  As they finish the first episode they can decide how to proceed from there.  After the first episode there will come a point where viewers can continue and watch sequentially or make a choice and watch one of two more episodes as they choose.

Another choice would be to watch the series in its entirety and then go back and watch the pieces of the story that have been unlocked to fill in any missing holes in the story.  Throughout the viewing experience, additional clips, documents relating to the story, and more will be unlocked to enhance the viewer’s experience.

After watching several trailers for Mosaic, I am very excited to pursue this viewing experience.  The decision of where to begin and how to move through the experience has not been made.  I feel that those decisions will be made as I progress through the series.

Mosaic will offer a unique viewing experience for many different types of viewers.  This type of experience has been attempted by others in the past but has not been successful.  All of the series will be available in the app.  There will also be a six-hour version of the show aired on HBO in January of 2018.  Soderbergh will be involved in editing the TV version of the show.

Photo Credit:  HBO

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