Keith Urban debuts New Song ‘Female’ at the CMA Awards

At the CMA Awards tonight, many performances brought tears to audience members both in attendance and at home. It’s been a rough year for country music and many are still trying to navigate the major losses they’ve experienced as a community.

Keith Urban is one of the many artists who has been touched by not only the losses in country music but the scandals that have rocked headlines and the women who have been brave enough to share their stories. He was so touched, in fact, that he got with songwriters and wrote a beautiful song that he debuted at the CMA Awards, Female.

We don’t want to say Keith wrote it because of Harvey Weinstein, we want to say that he wrote it because of the strong women who were able to speak up against him and any other person who has sexually harassed or abused a woman.

Keith is able to make the statement without letting the song drift away from his point and his center – that women are strong no matter what else they are.


When you hear somebody say, ‘somebody hits like a girl’
How does that hit you?
Is that such a bad thing?
When you hear a song that they play saying you run the world
Do you believe it?
Will you live to see it?