See Frank Castle in Action in New Promo Clip for ‘The Punisher’

While the wait for Netflix to finally debut The Punisher has seemed to go on forever, we’re in the final stretch before we spend an entire weekend in front of our screens. Frank Castle is a man on a mission, a mission of revenge, and it’s because he lost the most important thing in this world.

His family.

So while the age-old argument of the bad guys goes, ‘don’t hurt me…I’ve got a family at home’, the Punisher shows no mercy. See, he had a family at home once too, and no mercy was shown to them.

In a clip posted just two days ago, you see that exact situation unfold and it’s easy to assume that it won’t be the only time. His mission is to take down those who took his family, but he uncovers something even darker than he imagined.

It looks like having a family at home isn’t going to save anyone, not this time. With the trailers that we’ve seen so far and the short clips teasing the story, it’s easy to see that not much of anything at all will save them. The Punisher is out for blood, and he’s going to get it.