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‘Lucifer’ S3: A Wicked Good Time So Far

The third season of “Lucifer” premiered Monday, October 2nd and, so far, it’s been good – sinfully good.

Upon waking in the desert with a full set of wings and no idea of who may have dumped him there, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) had a mystery to solve.  Teaming up again with Detective Decker (Lauren German) under the watchful eye of her new supervisor Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling), Lucifer finally got to the heart of the matter and found out there’s a new player in town: The Sinnerman.

In usual “Lucifer” style, the Lord of Hell, irate that anyone could get the drop on him, started poking around. Desperate to learn all he could about this so-called Sinnerman, Lucifer ended up squarely on Pierce’s radar. Pierce has a personal history with The Sinnerman: he lost someone “very close” to him and is determined to bring the man down. He enlists Lucifer’s help, but, because the detective has a daughter, asks Lucifer not to include Chloe on the case.  Lucifer agrees, but a bit unwillingly, it seems.

Two episodes in, the third season looks to be every bit as devilishly fun as the previous two have been. It’s nice to see Amenadiel and Linda get more screen time. Both DB Woodside and Rachael Harris are excellent actors and I can’t wait to see where they take their characters this season.  (I’m still pushing for an Amenadiel-centric episode this season). Ella and Dan have both seen an increase in screen time, too, but Ella seems to be relegated to comic relief and Dan’s history has come back to haunt him with the new boss.

How will Pierce affect the dynamic on the series?  And who is this Sinnerman? How will Mama Morningstar fit back into the story? Will it still be Mama Morningstar? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Tune in to “Lucifer” on FOX Mondays at 8/7C.

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