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‘Robot Chicken The Walking Dead Special, Look Who’s Walking’ Recap And Review

Photo: Adult Swim

Sunday night at midnight, Adult Swim aired the Robot Chicken: The Walking Dead special titled, Look Who’s Walking and we’ve got the recap and review for you right here. If you haven’t seen the special yet, there are SPOILERS but you can check it out here: Robot Chicken: The Walking Dead Special.

Now we know some fans of The Walking Dead are very loyal and protective of the show and the characters, but the guys over at Robot Chicken have nothing but love for the show, and you can see it come through in this special. In fact the idea for the special was so well recieved by The Walking Dead cast that almost all of them, including some cast members who were killed off on the show lent their voices to the characters.

It all starts in the near future where Walkers are no longer a threat to society and The Walking Dead Museum is open showing off artifacts such as Michonne’s Katana, Daryl’s Crossbow, and The Governor’s fish tanks with the heads inside. The tour guide leads a group past all of them and explains that the disease was cured, both the saliva version where you get bit and the whole you’re already infected versions. As he leads the group, one of the funniest lines he says is, “And we’re walkers, and we’re walkers.” which had me laughing.

The nerd, an established Robot Chicken character is in the group saying how awesome everything is. As the tour continues, the guide admits that records are spotty which leads him to mess up the names of certain characters such as Rick Gremlin, Negnon and they mistake Carl for a girl, calling him Carla which is a running joke through the special.

As the nerd says he never knew all these facts, a much older Carl (Chandler Riggs doing a hysterical version of his character as an older man) shows up telling him they’re wrong and asks if the nerd wants to hear the whole story which leads into the opening credits, a riff on the Walking Dead opening theme clucked out by chickens.

Photo: Adult Swim

Carl tells the nerd it starts off with monkeys and we see the first sketch of the show, a flashback to Dr. Jenner at the CDC telling two men that that wasn’t how it happened. They run off to the Congo, and we see a monkey all dolled up jump into Jenner’s arms in a slight chuckle inducing opening act. This sketch was the weakest of the show.

Next up is a funny take on Shane taking care of Lori and Carl when they think Rick is dead in Season 1. Both Jon Bernthal and Sarah Wayne-Callies reprise their roles as Shane and Lori in what I would call the ‘Rick told me too’ sketch. Basically, Shane keeps coming up to Lori in more and more awkward situations, like her being in bed and him coming in, or her in the shower and saying, “Rick told me too.” At the end of the sketch, Rick returns and Shane has a great recovery line to Lori that I won’t give away.

The third sketch a throwback to Season 1 has Lennie James and Andrew Lincoln in it as their characters are at the house when Morgan’s wife was outside, another one of that was really good.

Photo: Adult Swim

Next up is Michael Rooker as Merle handcuffed on the roof in a musical number that is fantastic. Who knew Rooker could sing?

The fifth sketch stars Rick Grimes again, looking for gas when a unicorn comes to help him out in a so-so sketch that actually gets better at the end. Sixth is Walker Poncho which is just O.K. in my opinion. After that the Robot Chicken crew hits us with one that I found hysterical because it is so out of character for Rick it’ll make you laugh out loud.

Rick is looking for Sophia in the woods when Carol (voiced by Melissa McBride) comes calling for her. Worried because he hasn’t found her, Rick dresses a log up and tries to fool Carol which leads him to say some outrageous stuff. This was one of my favorites.

Photo: Adult Swim

The next three sketches were kind of a miss for me. Dale the RV King, the Walker sketch and Herschel’s Drinking Memories had me smile more than full on laughing.

After those three you have the first appearance of Daryl (voiced by Norman Reedus) with Rick in the woods shooting at walkers with his crossbow. What makes it funny is the same thing I think legions of fans have been saying for years. Who would use a crossbow that only fires one shot at a time and has to reload?

Three more sketches leads to the halfway point of the special, two of them Carl kills zombie Lori and Look at the flowers are really funny, the one that really failed completely in my opinion was The Governor and Penny.

Photo: Adult Swim

There are a few more that were funny such as the Terminus Dance Troupe with Danai Gurira, Chandler Riggs, Andrew Lincoln and surprisingly Daniel Radcliffe singing as Gareth! The Hey Negan song and dance number with Jeffrey Dean Morgan is pretty great as is Negan’s Wardrobe Problem.

Several other sketches are hit or miss, but three of the funniest sketches are Negan taking half of Rick’s stuff, which I won’t spoil here, Negan opening a beer (which doesn’t sound funny, but trust me it is) and the funniest of all is Happy Glenndings. It’s Robot Chicken’s look at what would happen if Glenn had survived the beating from Negan. Hands down it could possibly be one of Robot Chicken’s funniest sketches to date.

One other sketch that crosses Superman and Walking Dead was a compete failure and it happened to be the final sketch of the show. It does lead back to the future and The Walking Dead museum, and a really funny scene where Carl is attacked by the last ‘living’ walker. The nerd has to save him by making a bullet in a machine voiced by Eugene (Josh McDermitt) who keeps on spitting out facts as the bullet is being made.

Photo: Adult Swim

As the special ends and the credits roll, we’re taken to Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick, Robert Kirkman and Soctt Gimple talking about the special.

All in all, while there were some misses, I feel that this special is a great tribute to The Walking Dead. At certain points I was laughing so hard, I had to stop and go back to hear what was going on. Fans of The Walking Dead are going to love it, and even if you’re not a Robot Chicken fan, you should give it a try.


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