‘The Walking Dead’ Premieres Season 8 Scene that Mirrors the Pilot Episode

There are less than two weeks until the premiere of The Walking Dead‘s season 8, which is also the show’s 100th episode. The occasion is certainly one to celebrate, and an opportunity to look back at the series so far. Fans are looking at the last 7 seasons, the previous 99 episodes, and all of the characters we’ve loved, and lost, along the way.

We’re also getting new footage of the 100th episode, the 8th season, and the battle looming overhead. So when the latest teaser for season 8 was released, we were totally enamored with it. Then upon watching it again, we realized it looked quite familiar.

It seems that a lot of you saw the similarities as well, and it didn’t take long for fans to start talking. When the scenes were put right next to each other, well, check it out for yourselves.

They mirror one another almost perfectly. Could this season be where Carl feels that he fully turns into the man he’s supposed to be in the apocalypse? Could it be the season when Carl takes on a new responsibility in the series? Or is it just done that way because they could and it’s honestly a cool comparison? We won’t know until the season gets underway but luckily, we don’t have long to wait.

The Walking Dead season 8 premieres on October 22nd on AMC.

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