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‘American Housewife’ Season 2 Episode 2 ‘Boar-Dain’ Review

Hide all the stuffed animals. Katie is preparing for the Spring Gala. Well preparing as much as Katie Otto (Katy Mixon) prepares to do anything. At their regular “Second Breakfast” meetings Doris and Angela warn her that the last Spring Gala captain had a nervous breakdown, had to move in with her parents and is not allowed to have any stuffed animals because she eats them.

However, with her husband Greg (Diedrich Bader) ordering a “La Caja China Grill” she has more important things to worry about than “a party that is 6 months away”. She is faced with the hard task of supporting her husband even when he does “stupid things” such as planning to grill the live pig he and Oliver picked up from the farm. Katie tries to teach her children that you should “support” the man in your life even when you know that they are making bad decisions. However, after Anna-Kat’s friend used her wall as a chocolate canvas and Taylor “supports” her boyfriend Eyo (Amarr M. Wooten) and convinces him to give up on college and focus on his Manga passion she realizes that she should have been a little clearer.

So, Katie realizes that she should have planned more for her “Spring Gala Presentation”, told Greg NO on the giant pig grill WAY before they ended up with their “new weird dog” that resembles a baby pig. She DID discover the beauty of a “Complaint Bracelet” from Doris (Ali Wong). Now Katie is just a “snap” away from speaking her mind…. Or just a really bad blister from all the snaps….

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