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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teases Possible Negan and Carol Interaction


Well, hot diggity dog!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan may not have said anything about what to expect from Negan this season at the Walking Dead’s New York Comic Con panel, but he certainly shared some juicy tidbits at the show’s press conference! At one point Jeffrey was asked if he and Melissa would ever share the screen to which he responded, “Hmm, I do like cookies.” And we like the idea of Carol and Negan facing off!

Jeffrey also commented on the one year anniversary of Lucille’s “death” in the comics, saying “I’m very sad for Negan in the comics. Poor fella,” as well as one regret/take back that Negan had: telling Rick to cut Carl’s arm off. “That was a rough scene. For me, as a dad too, and you can’t help but think about that stuff… as much fun as I had that whole episode, that was a rough way to go. Worse than [Negan] killing Glenn and Abraham.”

We still have to wait a couple of more weeks until the premiere but if you’re craving more Dead, check out Robot Chicken‘s Look Who’s Walking special tomorrow night!

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