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When Will Solomon Grundy Make His Debut on ‘Gotham?’

Ever since the reveal that Drew Powell’s Butch Gilzean would transform into Solomon Grundy this season, fans have been eagerly awaiting his debut and now thanks to ComicBook.com, we can tell you exactly when he’ll appear on Gotham!

The show’s co-executive producer Bryan Wynbrandt confirmed exclusively to them that we will see Solomon Grundy in episode 5, The Blade’s Path, premiering October 19th. Wynbrandt also commented on what kind of role Grundy will play upon his arrival.

“It’s got that Frankenstein-esk story to it. We are different from the comics in which Grundy’s appearances came of Cyrus Gold’s character. We have Butch Gilzean who at the end of last season, we teased that his first name was Cyrus Gold which was obviously a nod to Grundy. Cyrus Gold has a canon of its own that’s different from Gilzean. We really were looking at this as Butch Gilzean becoming Grundy. What’s great is now that Grundy’s back in the world, there are people who know him as Butch Gilzean. There’s a very interesting dynamic to play when he crosses with our core characters and they don’t know that he’s this new character, this new canonical villain.”

Grundy’s portrayer, Drew Powell, revealed some very interesting details about Grundy’s introduction, telling the Digital Spy, “He’ll be in with Nygma [and Lee Thompkins], which Butch never would’ve done – Butch hated Nygma! I don’t think people would’ve put those three together at any point… which I love!” Powell – who’s been working with the same trainer who helped Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Sebastian Stan get into shape for their comic book roles, also added, “We’ve been having wardrobe fittings, we’ve had make-up and hair tests, and it’s going to look incredible.”

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