Stan Lee and Kevin Smith Raise Money for Hurricane Irma Relief

Stan Lee and Kevin Smith are two absolute icons in pop culture, and when they team up, the results are beyond incredible. So this past weekend at MegaCon in Florida, the pair got together to raise funds for those devestated by Hurricane Irma. How, you may ask, did they raise $25,000? By auctioning off a limited number of prizes for the biggest fans of both Lee and Smith.

While the items auctioned were undoubtedly worth spending a lot on, the relief effort behind the auction made the prizes even sweeter. As we said earlier, massive fans of Smith and Lee scored some really awesome memorabilia – and some really awesome memories – with what they donated.

A cameo in the upcoming Jay & Silent Bob film went for $6,000 while a once in a lifetime trip to Los Angeles for a weekend with Lee at an upcoming convention, a dinner, and an evening at the Black-Eyed Peas concert went for $10,000 and a Spider-Man book by Lee went for $1,000. In addition, MegaCon agreed that, after announcing Lee’s confirmation to attend the convention, that $5 from the next 2000 ticket sales would go to the relief fund as well.

The auction also brought some laughs with Smith reminding the bidding fans that Ben Affleck was NOT in the movie and Lee promising to brush up on his table manners before the lucky fan had dinner with him soon.

We have to say that this relief benefit was a good reason for Lee to return to Florida for a convention and we can only hope that both Lee and Smith realize how important what they’ve accomplished is. Not only to the victims of Hurricane Irma, but to their entire fan base.

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