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Laurie Holden Calls Andrea’s Comic Book Storyline Departure “a Mistake” in ‘The Walking Dead’ Television Adaptation

Photo: Walker Stalker Con

On Saturday former cast members from The Walking Dead IronE Singleton, Scott Wilson and Laurie Holden took to the stage for their panel at Walker Stalker Con Philadelphia.  The trio shared stories from their days on set, discussed how The Walking Dead impacted their lives and gave the crowd some insight into their thoughts and reflections regarding their characters from the show

During the fan question and answer session of the panel, one young fan asked the cast if they were happy with the way their characters were killed off the show and, if they could change anything about their death what would they change?

Singleton quickly fielded the question by answering, “I would change death to no death!”  While both Holden and Wilson agreed with that answer, Holden had a bit more to say in regards to what she would change about her character, if she was able to do so.

Holden added:

“I wish I was the one to kill the Governor.  I think it’s total nonsense that I didn’t.  They messed up on that narrative.”

The crowd loudly applauded and cheered her on, agreeing that Andrea on the television series got dealt a bad hand.  A little later on in the panel, moderator Dave Solo asked Holden to elaborate on her answer.  Holden said:

“It was a big mistake.  It’s not like I couldn’t pull it off.  I think the stuff they wrote about Andrea and the Governor was complete and utter nonsense.  I did the best that I could to tell that narrative and to justify where Andrea kept her heart and I love Scott Gimple for giving me a gorgeous death with redemption so that you understood that she wasn’t a victim and that she died on her own terms. But I think that there was so much beautiful narrative that was lost.  She should have been there a long time and been the leader that [Robert] Kirkman created in the comic book.  It’s a shame but, it’s life.  It’s a TV show. You know what I mean?  They change things.  It is what it is.”

Check out the video of Holden’s response below:

What do you think, Walking Dead fans?  Was the television version of Andrea given a raw deal when it came to her storyline and character arch?  Would you have liked to see the Andrea from the comics come alive on the television series?  Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!


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