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Fan Fest Picks: Top 5 Arrowverse Characters

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Fan Fest Picks: Top 5 Arrowverse Characters

As we get closer to the premiere’s of some of our favorite CW TV Series, the anticipation and excitement from the Fan Fest team has never been higher. While we are looking forward to seeing what sort of story line each of our heroes will be following this season in their respective shows, there is one thing we are highly looking forward to – the characters themselves.

Since the Arrowverse was born in 2012, we have had so many characters that have come and gone. Many of those have stolen our hearts in the process. One of the reasons the Arrowverse is so strong is because of the heroes, villains, etc., that appear on our screen each week. We love them, we want to protect them, we just want them to be happy. But this is a universe of heroes and villains, so we don’t always get our way. We still allow ourselves to love anyway.

I’ve teamed up with my Arrowverse Expert Jules in order to do the impossible and compile a list of our Top 5 favorite characters across the entire Arrowverse!

5. Slade Wilson (Arrow)


Jules: Slade is one of those ‘villains’ that my heart will always go out for. Deep down, Slade truly only cares about protecting those he loves – Mirkauru effects aside. In the end, he had Oliver’s back as Oliver faced off against one of the most formidable foes so that Oliver could get his son back. To Slade, family is everything.

Cat Grant (Supergirl)


Alyssa: Cat Grant was definitely one of those characters that grew on me. She is incredible blunt and snarky and I love it. She is the perfect mentor for Kara. Cat has worked hard for everything that she has, and throughout the first season, we learned how much of a toll that took upon her. I just think she’s a really great character, and her presence was definitely missed during the second season. Cat’s return at the end of the season perfectly delivered the biting wit I love.

4. Mick Rory (The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow)


Jules: Mick is one of the snarkiest characters on the show, and I absolutely love it. He is the kind of guy that you can count on to drop one of those humorous lines that just lands perfectly. Even though his methods may be a bit twisted, there is a heart in there somewhere. I could really see myself sitting with him and having a beer while watching a football game.

Felicity Smoak (Arrow)


Alyssa: Felicity is a fun character. She is smart and quirky and I identify with her on the awkwardness level. Her rants and saying the wrong thing pretty much happen to everyone at some point in their life. It’s been great watching her become such a valued member of Team Arrow. I am secretly hoping that we might get to see Felicity actually suit up in the real timeline after she appeared as a vigilante in Doomworld.

3. Barry Allen (The Flash)

(Jules & Alyssa)

Jules: Aside from being absolutely adorable, Barry has one of the biggest hearts of all the characters across the Arrowverse. Barry would do anything to protect those he loves and he is one of those guys you would love to have protecting your backside in a fight.

Alyssa: Barry is adorable. He is funny, caring, and just a great guy. And he has every reason not to be. Despite losing his parents at a young age (his dad wrongfully imprisoned for murdering his mom), Barry is still a cheery guy. As soon as he gets powers, he is determined to help people. Despite making some stupid decisions in season 3, there’s nothing really unlikable about Barry Allen.

2. Oliver Queen (Arrow)


Jules: Oliver is more than just a warrior – he is a true leader. After spending 5 years in Hell and being tortured by Prometheus, Oliver still proved that it is possible to stand – when standing isn’t easy. Oliver has proven that no matter how hard someone may try to break you, always have faith in yourself and your team.

Cisco Ramon (The Flash)


Alyssa: I remember watching season one and not really being a huge Cisco fan, but then he was murdered by Wells and it hurt a lot more than I thought it would. My love for Cisco has grown over the seasons as he’s grown as a character. He’s goofy, smart, full of nerdy references, and has a lot of heart. I have loved watching him move into the role of hero as Vibe and can’t wait for what’s to come. Cisco is seriously powerful and has yet to fully come into his own.

 1. Sara Lance (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow)

(Jules & Alyssa)

Jules: Sara is not just my favorite because she can kick just about anyone’s butt and is a total badass – it is because she is easily one of the most inspirational and developed characters in the Arrowverse. Sara went from a college party girl to a warrior over the course of five years. Despite the things she may have been forced to do because of the League of Assassins, Sara learned to channel that ‘darkness’ inside of her into something light. In this past season of Legends of Tomorrow, she showed that vengeance is no means of justice. But doing the right thing is.

Alyssa: I think the best decision the CW ever made was to bring Sara Lance back to life. I agree with Jules that she is one of the most inspirational and developed characters. We saw a little bit of growth when she was on Arrow, but over the last two years on Legends, it’s been proved that she’s the best-written character. Not only have we learned lessons of forgiveness and not being controlled by your inner demons from Sara, we also have a character who is so confident in her sexuality. Sara is amazing, and Caity Lotz absolutely kills it.

Honorable Mention:

Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor (Supergirl)


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