Thor: Ragnarok Gets the 80’s Trailer it Deserves


Fans of Thor: Ragnarok have been absolutely wowed by the trailers for the upcoming film so far. In fact, they’ve been some of the most talked about this year. With rockin’ soundtracks, vibrant colors, and humorous twists on a film that will stand as a gateway to the biggest war in MCU history – they’ve built excitement.

So the people over at Nerdist gave Thor: Ragnarok the 80’s trailer of our dreams and it’s easily one of the best they’ve done. Ragnarok isn’t the first film to get the trailer treatment, and it won’t be the last, but it’s most definitely the most fitting.

The trailer takes viewers into a look at Thor: Ragnarok, had it been produced in 1987, complete with grainy film, corny voiceovers, and all things complete VHS quality. The way they put the scenes that looked totally bad ass in the real trailers and made them look, well, like the sort of special effects we thought were amazing 20 years ago (you know, that we look back on and sort of cringe at now).

Oh, and there was that whole Lou Ferrigno and Jeff Goldblum thing.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3rd and if you see the film in a theater near us, expect to see us decked out in our fanny packs and acid wash jeans, because honestly – why not?