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All About ‘American Housewife’

Don’t you love the PTA, school pick up lines and all the other perky mom with their perky um attitudes? I didn’t think so me either. That is why ‘American Housewife‘ must be part of your binge watching this weekend so you will be ready for Season 2 coming this fall to ABC. ‘American Housewife‘ stars (Katy Mixon) who portrays Katie Otto the TRUE face of motherhood. She is the second “fattest” mom in her snobby community that she hates but as I mentioned she is the true face of motherhood so she puts up with all those things for her family. The price of being a mother is sometimes high but we all pay our dues just some of us pay a higher fee.


Katie is married to Greg (Diedrich Bader) an easy-going college professor and mother to three children. Her oldest daughter Taylor (Meg Donnelly) is the star athlete, perfect figure, and fits in perfectly. Oliver (Daniel DiMaggio) her son is a 12-year-old capitalist with his own underground “knock-off” business. Then last but most certainly not least her favorite and she does not even hide that fact is her 7-year-old Anna-Kat (Julia Butters) who suffers from a severe case of OCD which is the reason the Otto’s moved to the Uppity community of Westport so that Anna-Cat can attend the school that offers the special needs teacher that she requires. So again, that is the high price of motherhood I mentioned.

The beauty of this show is the honesty. Hollywood T.V. moms are usually perfect in every way. They wear a size 6, drive brand new cars, have high paying jobs, their houses are always clean, their cook healthy meals and their children are perfect. Well, dear viewers, I promise you don’t get any of those things with the Otto Family. Katie drives an old minivan in which she unbuttons her pants to take a nap while waiting to pick up her kids from school because that is what fat people do she explains to her husband Greg. However, no matter how imperfect they may look on the outside on the inside they are the perfect American family. So if you have a PTA meeting this weekend I say skip it and binge watch ‘American Housewife‘ so you are ready for the premiere of Season 2 on September 27 on ABC.

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