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‘Arrow’: Stephen Amells ensures Oliver has ‘learned lessons’ this Season

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If there is one thing that people experience after multiple bouts of trauma, heartbreak and trials of suffering – it is absolutely character growth and development. I think it is safe to say that Oliver has experienced all of these things several times over the past five years.

While we have seen Oliver’s trials and sufferings in both the past and the present, they have been more of a ‘made for TV’ plotline – which we won’t deny, have still been incredibly thrilling and awesome.

At a recent FanExpo Canada this past weekend, Amell made the revelation after being asked about more “classic” elements of the Green Arrow character, which aside from a few minor nods here and there throughout the series, have yet to come forth comics to the tv series.

“I think that some of the more classic elements can start to come to the forefront now. We’ve always been telling our own story, but we are not conjoined anymore to his backstory.”

He then talked about what has changed in regards to the way he portrays Oliver this season – including putting himself in the viewer’s place.

“The thing I ask myself whenever I’m reading a script this year and it comes down to an Oliver-based issue is, ‘is he handling this like someone who has learned lessons along the way? If he’s not, then we change it because if he hasn’t taken away stuff from everything that has happened in the last five years, including and especially what happened at the end of Season Five, then if I were a viewer, I would be like ‘All right, enough with this guy.'”

Arrow will be returning for its sixth season in a little over a month, and the producers have been very good at keeping the plot (and who survived that Lian Yu explosion) under the wraps.

Arrow will return on October 12th at 9P.M EST on The CW.

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