‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Executive Producer Hopes to Bring Two Characters to Season 3

Image: The CW

Legends of Tomorrow Executive Producer Hopes to Bring to Characters Two Season 3

Legends of Tomorrow is known for being the wildcard Arrowverse show as the team travels all across time and space. Numerous historical figures have graced the screen including J.R.R. Tolkien, George Lucas, Albert Einstein, and, in the upcoming season, Julius Caesar and P.T. Barnum. But the show has also brought us some exciting heroes and villains from the DC universe. Executive Producer Phil Klemmer has hopes of adding two fan-favorites to Season 3: Jonah Hex and John Constantine.

Jonah Hex first appeared in Season 1, “The Magnificent Eight,”  when the Legends traveled to the wild west and returned in Season 2, “Outlaw Country.” This time, Klemmer wants to pitch Hex “as a future bounty hunter in a Blade Runner-shaped story.” He adds that it’s a crazy idea, but it’s something that’s right up Legends alley. I’m all for it. Hex was a really fun character and I hope that they are able to bring him back.

Constantine is another that I have felt would be a perfect part of Legends. He’s as much of a misfit as the rest of them and I can just imagine the snark that would ooze between him and Mick. There is a connection to the crew that would make his appearance not so outlandish. He did bring our beloved Captain White Canary back to sanity. Constantine is a fun presence and I really enjoyed his guest spot on Arrow. Now that the animated series has been announced on CW Seed, bringing Constantine to the live action series’ isn’t as hard anymore.