Sylvester Stallone Posts First Look at his ‘This Is Us’ Role

It’s hard to imagine This Is Us getting any better than it already is. The series stole the hearts of viewers across the world with its first episode and further carved a space in them as the episodes went on. The storyline is one of a kind, the characters are played with such determination and compassion, and everything altogether just makes you want to be a better you in your own life.

So when we got the news that Sylvester Stallone was joining the cast we were incredibly excited. He’s a legend in his own right and he’s most definitely going to bring something special to the series.

According to Dan, while co-starring in a project, Stallone overhears what Kevin is going through with his own dad and talks to Kevin about life and acting. Now, that sounds a bit like a mentor-like role which leads us to believe that he’ll play a pretty big role in the series. Fogelman confirmed that but said he’s only expected to appear in one episode.

If that’s true, Stallone posted the first photo on set with his character in costume and we’ve got a peek into what the pair may be filming.

If anyone could play a big role in just one episode, it’s Stallone. We can’t wait to see what he provides to Kevin and what that, in turn, does for his character and those love him through the rest of the season and the series.

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