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#TBT to That Time Coldplay Made ‘Game of Thrones’ The Musical

It’s a well-known fact that Game of Thrones is the most popular show on television and the actors on it are some of the most talented people in Hollywood. 

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So, back in 2015, Coldplay decided that they wanted to put together a Game of Thrones musical for Red Nose Day because if there’s one thing people love it’s watching beautiful people sing songs written by the beautiful Chris Martin.

And well, some of the cast had thoughts…

Coldplay spent a good deal of time trying to come up with the 16 songs they would need to make a real Broadway musical. 

Then it was time to start workshopping and Chris Martin had an epiphany that he was confident would make the musical a resounding success.

He decided to invite the cast but was only met with Robert Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton. 

It was a rough first day of rehearsals but later that evening a miracle happened. 

With Kit on board, the whole cast was in, which led to a very interesting meeting between Theon and Ramsay. 

Sam and Jojen were there too!

And then Jon Snow sang like the perfect human he is and did this little dance move

And we also learned what happens when you try to critique Jon Snow when Ygritte is around.

The group also got together to sing the original number “Red Wedding” which goes a little something like this.

News of the success of the workshop spread like wildfire and all of the sudden the other member of the cast came around. 

And we got to hear Dany sing a song called “Rastafarian Targaryen” and it’s perfect.

Then all of the sudden Jamie was singing “Closer to Home”

Of course, they saved the best for last. 

With the musical ready to go all Coldplay had to do was get permission from George R.R. Martin, which didn’t go as planned. 

But that won’t stop Chris Martin. 

Make your day and watch the entire video here:


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