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Sarah Wayne Callies and Jon Bernthal’s Friendship Is Actually Perfect

Any fan of The Walking Dead is very familiar with Sarah Wayne Callies and Jon Bernthal. They played Lori and Shane on the show and their roller coaster of a story definitely gave fans a lot of thoughts. Both of their characters ended up meeting an unfortunate fate, but their impact is still felt on the show today as it heads into season 8.

Sarah Wayne Callies is now starring on USA’s Colony alongside Lost‘s Josh Holloway.

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While Jon Bernthal is now The Punisher on Netflix.

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Even though the two haven’t shared the screen together in years they formed a wonderful friendship during their time on The Walking Dead and lucky for us, have no problem sharing it for the world to see!

A post shared by Jon Bernthal (@jonnybernthal) on

First, we have to take a moment to admire these two’s badass signature pose and how it’s actually perfect.

A couple of class acts….

A post shared by Sarah Wayne Callies (@sarahwaynecallies) on

howdy y'all

A post shared by Sarah Wayne Callies (@sarahwaynecallies) on

And then Sarah shared this equally badass picture supporting Bernthal’s newest show and it made you even more excited for it. 

hell yeah, brother…! @jonnybernthal #punisher

A post shared by Sarah Wayne Callies (@sarahwaynecallies) on

She did it again when he starred in Wind River and you realized that you need to cheer on your friend’s accomplishments more. 

great work, brother. as always. #windriver ( 👗: @tedbaker_123 )

A post shared by Sarah Wayne Callies (@sarahwaynecallies) on

Not to mention they both got together and supported Norman Reedus’s new show Ride further cementing that the best cast on TV is The Walking Dead cast. 

team #ride

A post shared by Sarah Wayne Callies (@sarahwaynecallies) on

One time Jon Instagrammed this for Sarah’s Birthday and you thought “Aw, that’s so sweet!”

But then Sarah posted the same picture with a subtle roast (as all friends should from time to time) and you realized you definitely liked her caption more. 

“#FBF to the only time I’ve ever seen @therealjonnybernthal scared. Yep, that’s a parrot.”

Sarah’s always on top of the birthday wishes too and your heart bursts when you realize they are so close that she calls him brother.  

Happy Birthday, brother…! @jonnybernthal

A post shared by Sarah Wayne Callies (@sarahwaynecallies) on

I cannot even handle that second caption.

But nothing will ever top the moment when they reached peak friendship status after Sarah posted this photo of her and Jon’s faces morphed together. 

So wrong. I love it.

A post shared by Sarah Wayne Callies (@sarahwaynecallies) on

And if you need more Jon and Sarah in your life then check out their entire (and epic) Walker Stalker Con Panel from 2014. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Thanks for the friendship goals you two!

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