Watch Gal Gadot’s Delightful Reaction to Finding out ‘Wonder Woman’ Hit $400 Million

Wonder Woman is unstoppable! Upon finding out that her film had just hit $400 million at the box office, Wonder Woman herself broke out into a spontaneous and adorable little dance number, which luckily was caught by celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart.

Stewart captioned the Instagram video, “This is what happens when #WONDERWOMAN breaks 400 million domestic! Wait for what happens at 500 million!”

The female powerhouse film was directed by Patty Jenkins and has become the highest-grossing movie of the summer. Due to it’s critical and box office success, it was announced at last month’s San Diego Comic-Con that Wonder Woman would be getting a sequel in 2019.

For now, though, you can catch Gadot Diana Prince in Justice League on Nov. 17.

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