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‘King of the Hill’ Revival May Be Coming Soon

Photo Credit: Fox Network

Fans of propane and propane accessories rejoice! Fox may bring back the popular cartoon series, King of the Hill. Network executives have reported they have had a conversation with creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels about a return of the series. Currently, both Judge and Daniels are busy with other projects but a return of the Hill family is not out of the question.

King of the Hill ran for thirteen seasons on Fox from 1997-2009 with over two hundred fifty episodes. It centered on Hank Hill and his family in the town of Arlen, Texas. Creator Mike Judge often incorporated his political humor in the show.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Fox Television Group chairman and CEO Dana Walden about the revival. She said the network has “had a very preliminary conversation given what’s going on in the country; they had a point of view about how those characters would respond. But again, it was one meeting and I hope to revisit it,” Walden said. “The meeting was probably two and a half months ago. They’re both very busy and it was really just a first exploratory, ‘Are you excited about this? Is there potential in that future?’ And they were both excited about it, but they’re working on a lot of different things individually, so it’s about finding time.”  She also went on to say “We have five or six things in development right now that I’m excited about. … It’s hard to live up to that block and those shows right now are so iconic, they’re so connected to our brand,” said the exec. “It’s hard to just slide an animated show into that lineup and have people have the same goodwill that they have for a show that’s been on for almost 30 seasons now.”

Greg Daniels is currently an executive producer and showrunner on TBS’ alien comedy People of Earth and Mike Judge is an executive producer of Silicon Valley on HBO.

Would you like to see Hank and the gang again? We would, I tell you what!

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