Guy Gets Bored On Family Vacation And The Results Are Hilarious

Sometimes traveling the world with family can be unfulfilling, as you must constantly move at the pace of others. But, it takes a certain type of person to make the best of any situation.

Take this guy for example, who managed to create a hilarious situation out of sheer boredom. He and his family travelled around Rome, Italy seeing the sights and wandering through lots and lots of museums.  So many in fact, that he created a little ‘game’ with himself. When asked why did what he did: “the acoustics were just too great to pass up an opportunity like this.”

Watch the videos below as hilarity ensues:

6. Museo Di Roma (Museum of Rome)

5. Museo Di Roma (Museum of Rome)

4. Museo Di Roma (Museum of Rome)

3. Museo Di Roma (Museum of Rome)

2. Museo Di Roma (Museum of Rome)

1 . Vatican/The Sistine Chapel

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