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If Your Favorite TV Dramas Were Reimagined as Sitcoms You’d Have These Brilliant Theme Songs

Game of Thrones

It’s basically a dream to see Sean Bean in the opening credits again, isn’t it?

The Walking Dead

This one comes with a brand new original theme song and is probably the only time when seeing Hershel get beheaded isn’t gut-wrenching.

Breaking Bad

This take on Breaking Bad makes it look like a goofy family show a la Home Improvement. Honestly, this would probably still get 12 Emmys, though.

The Sopranos

Sure, they borrowed the song from Perfect Strangers, but it totally works.


If you ever wanted to see a Full House and Lost mash-up, you are oddly enough not the only one. Someone gave Lost the theme song treatment with the sitcom staple “Everywhere You Look” and you have to admit that it does make their time on that island look a lot more enjoyable.

The X Files

This one even has that static that would play on your cable TV’s growing up giving it that real vintage feel.

Stranger Things

Turns out the crew from Hawkins, Indiana are the perfect compliment for the Step by Step theme song, which was an amazing show by the way.

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