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‘Teen Wolf’ Preview ‘Raw Talent’

Teen Wolf Preview ‘Raw Talent’

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzOmNfE9Jf0[/embedyt]

So Eichen House knows what this big bad thing is that was released when Team Wolf freed Beacon Hills from the Hunt and they intentionally released the Hellhound last week in order to stop it. Hopefully this means we’ll know what we’re up against after this week’s episode. Team Wolf has determined that whatever it is, it’s harnessing people’s fear. And what do the people of Beacon Hills fear? The supernatural. All supernatural, even Team Wolf.

I think it’s interesting and smart that the final episodes will really push the question of if Team Wolf has done more harm than good. When they’re poised to leave, the town turning their backs on them would be a good motivator for the senior members of the team to get out of there. And we might see some of that toward the end. Team Wolf will believe that they have done more harm and will essentially give up. But then we’ll probably get the return of Stiles who will tell them to stop being idiots and then we’ll relive all the good they’ve done over the years.

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