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The CW’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Prequel Series is Officially a No-Go

Photo: Warner Bros.

It’s been five years since The CW announced that they planned to bring a Wonder Woman origin story to their network, and while it has been on the furthest back burner you could ever imagine since then, they announced today that it is officially off the table. The CW had pitched their initial idea about a year after the failed NBC pilot starring Adrianne Palicki was scrapped back in 2011 (below).

The original idea for Amazon was going to be a prequel that followed Diana in her early days as a teenage hero and then eventually turned into a show about her attending high school, which shouldn’t come as any surprise for The CW circa 2012. The first signs of trouble came when The CW decided to not pursue it for their 2013 lineup. Shortly after it was announced that Gal Gadot had been cast and would be appearing as wonder Woman in Batman v Superman, which added another hiccup to their plan.

Well, we didn’t really hear much about it after that, but what we did hear about was the resounding success that DC’s newest Wonder Woman film found and the announcement of its upcoming sequel. So, today at The CW’s TCA 2017 panel network president Mark Pedowitz confirmed that due to the total domination that was Gadot’s Wonder Woman movie, plans to redevelop Amazon have finally been axed.

I think that we can all agree that this was a smart decision!

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