Fan Art Friday in a ‘Flash’!

The Flash, Grant Gustin
Artist: John Gallagher

Lots of excitement surrounded the Flashpoint movie announcement during San Diego Comic Con; it seems the popularity of our favorite speedster continues to grow. And having recently binge-watched the CW’s hit TV show, The Flash, via Netflix, I too caught Flash Fever! Take a look at some amazing artwork that managed to capture the swift superhero. Several of the incredible pieces below are by artists often found at Fan Fest events… be sure to visit them at your next Heroes and Villains Fan Fest or Walker Stalker Con.

Fan Fest fabulous…

The Flash, Grant Gustin
Artists (top left clockwise): Rob Prior, Brian C. Roll, AJ Moore, Lord Mesa

The Flash in flight…

The Flash, Grant Gustin
Artist: Chris Campana
The Flash, Grant Gustin
Artist: Deviant Art – Kerong

Focused and fearless…

The Flash, Grant Gustin
Artists: Christian Espiritusanto, Cory Smith

Fan Fest-tastic…

The Flash, Grant Gustin
Artists: JaCo Tartaruga, Brian C. Roll

Funny Flash

The Flash, Grant Gustin
Artsit: Instagram – @thatdamnartpage

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