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Tom Felton Not Returning for ‘The Flash’ Season 4

Tom Felton Not Returning for The Flash Season 4

Tom Felton joined The Flash cast in Season 3 as Julian Alpert, a rival forensic scientist at CCPD following the creation of Flashpoint. Julian ended up being Alchemy and opened the path for Savitar’s return. But when The Flash returns for Season 4 and picks up six months later, Julian will not be in the picture. Entertainment Weekly has learned that Felton won’t be returning as a series regular and there’s no news if he will have part in the upcoming season.

I hope that we at least get some closure to Julian’s story and a reason why he’s no longer a member of Team Flash. He and Caitlin got close last season and he blamed himself for turning her into Killer Frost. Her decision in the season finale could have pushed him even further. But since it looks like Caitlin is back, though as Caitlin or Killer Frost or some hybrid, we don’t know, maybe Julian just couldn’t stand to be around her because of his guilt. No idea how they’re going to play his departure.

Season 4 of The Flash premiers Tuesday, October 10, on The CW.

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