Latest ‘Dark Tower’ Trailer Abound with Easter Eggs Spanning the Stephen King Universe

The Dark Tower, It, Pennywise

Stephen King is a true master of his universe. He has written over 50 novels and nearly 200 short stories that span more than 5 decades.  Most impressive is Mr. King’s ability to seamlessly weave those tales together throughout what has become known as The Stephen King Universe. The only thing more exciting than diving into his latest release is uncovering connections to his past cast of characters and haunts.

“All of the books kind of relate to other ones,” King said in a 2013 interview. “I guess it’s sort of like Stephen King World, the malevolent version of Disney World, where everything fits together.” – Entertainment Weekly

Considering that The Dark Tower was written across a span of 30 years, there were tons of worlds from which to draw. A certain amount of excitement comes forth whenever you stumble upon a beloved character from long ago. It seems Dark Tower director Nikolaj Arcel built on that excitement as the latest Dark Tower trailer feels like an invariable family reunion. From nightmarish clowns and rabid beasts to biggest fans and killer cars (you guys know who I mean)… The Dark Tower is a plethora of notorious Stephen King icons.

Check it out right here. How many worlds do you see?