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Marc Guggenheim Mentions All Female Team-Up and Now We Want it

Image: The CW

Marc Guggenheim Mentions All Female Team-Up and Now We Want it

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly Radio, hosts Kyle Anderson and Natalie Abrams asked Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim if there was any plan for a spin-off series featuring Nyssa and Talia al Ghul now that they have both appeared on Arrow. Guggenheim joked that the idea of having another show just made him nervous. Four is enough for right now.

Guggenheim then went on to say that all of the actresses in the Arrow-verse are amazing and this has led to the idea of an all female team-up. He believes that there are enough kick-ass women in the four shows to fill an ensemble.

Yes, please.

I don’t think the female team-up needs to be its own show because four is a lot to handle. It can almost be treated like a crossover episode or like the Suicide Squad feature episodes on Arrow (may they rest in peace). It was so amazing to see all of our heroes on screen at the same time during the “Invasion!” crossover event, and I think it would be just as amazing to see all the women fighting together. Have Sara Lance pick up Nyssa (and maybe Talia if she’s not trying to kill everyone), Killer Frost, Supergirl, Speedy, Vixen, Hawkgirl, Black Canary, Black Siren (if she’s also done being evil), Felicity, and Lyla Diggle in the Waverider and lead them into battle against an enemy.

Time to make that happen, Guggenheim.

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