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Pokemon Go Celebrates One Year Anniversary – Fan Events & Huge Gym Update

We’re coming up on about a year worth of Pokémon Go and it looks like Niantic is getting ready to celebrate with some massive changes. There’ll of course be our usual monthly events, the next of which will be the Solstice Event – which you can read more about here. Though the biggest news actually effects how we play the game.

In the coming months, Niantic will disable all gyms for a short period of time in order to introduce a new gym system that vastly improves co-op functions with teammates.  Now shutting down the gym system – even for a short while – could be troubling. Though thankfully, Pokémon Go is planning something else to get people excited in the meantime. Fan Events!

On July 22nd, Pokemon Go will hold its first ever Real World Event in Chicago’s Grant Park titled Pokemon GO Fest Chicago. Tickets as well as more information will become available Monday, June 19th so stay tuned to for more details. As for those of us not in Chicago, it’s unclear if there’ll be other Pokemon Go Events such as this but there will be other live events for other countries. Smaller celebrations are schedule throughout Europe while Japan will host a “Pikachu Outbreak” Event in Yokohama, Japan.

There’s definitely a lot of Pokémon fun coming in the next few months, but like most trainers I just want my Legendaries – or at least an event to swap regional Pokemon for a short time.

*Image courtesy of Niantic