‘The Sims’ Coming to a Phone Near You

Image Credit: PC Advisor

Need even more reason to glue yourself to your phone? The early 2000’s called with a solution for you. Brace yourselves. The legendary game ‘The Sims’ is coming to a phone near you which will be coined as The Sims Mobile. This isn’t a drill either.

EA released an early version for users in Brazil to test out before anyone else. Until then, we have to wait for The Sims Mobile to roll out for the rest of us. Did we mention this will also be FREE for both iOS and Android users? It’s like Christmas.

It looks like this mobile version will have still have everything you love about the game and more. Feel free to create your own Sim, build a family, boost hobbies, design your dream home, and make your Sim happy (or miserable). In addition, become virtual friends with players around you AKA imitate your Sim life with your real life.

While we wait, enjoy the trailer below:


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