What Made Negan the Negan We Know?

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If you do not want to know anything about Negan pre-apocalypse stop reading! This article contains comic spoilers!

Negan was not always the crass, trash talking, cocky, charismatic leader of the Saviors. Before the apocalypse he seemed like a normal guy- he was a husband and had a job as teacher. Sounds like he started out a good, right?

If you are following the Image +Here’s Negan’ backstory you have seen him go from playing ping pong in his garage with his students, supporting his wife, Lucille, through cancer treatments and staying by her side while she was in the hospital. We also see him end an extramarital affair and borderline bullying his students, that sounds like the Negan we know currently in The Walking Dead.

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We see Lucille does not make it out of the hospital. She succumbs to her illness only to reawaken as the living dead just prior to a horde of walkers invading the hospital. Negan is forced to leave her, in a reanimated state, to save his own life. Her death profoundly affected and haunted him, shaping him in to the man we know now.

Negan’s origin story is fascinating and worth reading! We see him become a survivor- save lives, lose people who join up with him and become a leader. Sounds eerily familiar to another survivor we know and love, Rick Grimes.

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This story was originally slated to be a twelve issues but is so popular it was extended to sixteen. Part fourteen has a release date of May 31st, stop by your local comic shop to pick up your issue!

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