Why Luke Skywalker Thinks “The Jedi Must End” In The Last Jedi

It’s been about a week since we saw The Last Jedi trailer and we still can’t get that phrase out of our heads: “It’s time for the Jedi to end”. Why would Luke Skywalker – the last beacon of the Jedi – seemingly want the Jedi to end? One ABC interview proposed that it could mean a turn to the Dark Side for Luke, to which Hamill said, “anything is possible”. So could this be it? …. No!

For starters, Mark Hamill had JUST finished explaining how this is a teaser and he can’t really talk about anything story-wise. So if you ask him a story related question – even a bad one – he’s going to respond “anything is possible” because to say one way or another is a spoiler at this point. This was either a very poor question OR a shady set up for a headline because the majority of Star Wars fans took this line VERY differently.

Luke is a good guy and as you remember from Return of the Jedi he resisted the Dark Side. If he didn’t turn at the height of his rage and anger, there’s little chance he’ll turn after a long zen island retreat. He could on the other hand have come to see the shortcomings of the Jedi order. 

He would have heard of – or maybe even communicated with – his father and how his fathers emotions were manipulated to fall. Luke himself would have seen how Kylo’s emotions and fascination was manipulated to join the Dark Side as well. The Sith might deal in absolutes, but the Jedi do to an extent too. The Jedi take their emotions out of the equation while the Sith use their emotions as a weapon. What if there was another way?

The leading theory right now is that Luke wants the Jedi order and their strict traditions/ rules to end with him. Rey will be the start of something new, a third side. In the original Star Wars Extended Universe this idea was known as Gray Jedi, or those who walked the line between Light and Dark. We’ve also seen non-Jedi/ Sith feel an affinity for the Force in Rogue One. This theory gains further support in the teaser when we hear Luke tell Rey that the Force is “so much more bigger” than just Light and Dark.

A Gray Jedi would be the pinnacle of bringing “balance” to the force. Additionally, if there were no more strict Jedi rules, maybe the Sith could no longer take advantage of those oppressive rules. Though to be fair, can we even call Snoak and Kylo true Sith? This is an article for another day and largely depends on Snoak’s identity; but if we’re seeing a move away from the strict definition of Jedi on the Light Side, who’s to say the Dark Side won’t get a similar rebranding. We’ll know more when the full Trailer comes out, but be sure to sound off below with your theories and ideas in the comments below!

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