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Superman to Reappear in ‘Supergirl’ Season Two Finale

Image: The CW

Superman to Reappear in Supergirl Season Two Finale

It’s been revealed that Tyler Hoechlin will return as Superman in the season finale of Supergirl. He was last seen in the second episode of the season and I’m glad that he will be able to suit up once more. His and Kara’s dynamic was really nice and their scenes were a joy to watch.

It’s no surprise that Superman will return as there are two major threats that might come to a head during the season finale. There’s the looming return of Cadmus, since Lena Luthor and Cyborg Superman are slippery and won’t stay defeated. There’s also the impending showdown with Rhea, who will not leave her son alone. If these two forces somehow combine, Kara’s going to need all the help she can get as both have a personal vendetta against the Girl of Steel.

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