Michael Keaton in Talks for Another Villainous Role


If there is one actor who certainly is not losing his steam, it is Michael Keaton! The actor, who will play the main villain in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, is journey through an extreme career resurgence. After winning a Golden Globe for his role in Birdman, the actor’s career is sky rocketing once again.

However, it looks as though he may be taking a ‘pause’ from the comic book world, as Disney is reportedly looking to cast Michael Keaton to its live-action remake of Dumbo, which is being helmed by Keaton’s Batman director, Tim Burton!

Variety reports that Disney is in talks with Keaton to play what sounds like a version of The Ringmaster from the original film. The character was a man who owned the circus that Dumbo and his Mother worked in.

The reunion between Michael Keaton and Tim Burton would be a first; since Batman Returns in 1992.


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